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Solar feasibility studies are cumbersome

Sunmapper is an independent web service where you easily, quickly, and freely get an overview of the economic effect of investing in solar on your roof.

How Sunmapper works

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2. Discover energy savings
3. Get an offer

Sunmapper takes the following into account:

Shadows. We simulate sunlight and shadows throughout the year.
Roof slope and orientation. We’re able to compute key parameters on your house using 3D-data.
Local weather data. We incorporate local weather patterns in your area

The team behind Sunmapper

The team behind Sunmapper consists of engineers from Imperial College London and the Technical University of Denmark.
Utilizing the newest methods in data science, Sunmapper makes it easy for homeowners to get solar panels on their roofs.

What does Sunmapper wish to achieve?

We want to make it easier and more manageable for residential homeowners to discover the potential economic benefits of solar.
Our vision is to contribute towards a greener tomorrow .



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